Textbook Adoption Process

Math in Focus (Singapore Math): Our New K – 8 Math Series

Our school district began implementation of a new mathematics series for grades K – 8 during the fall of the 2017 - 2018 school year. It is called Math in Focus, an American school version ofSingapore Math.  

Our goal is to 
transform mathematics teaching and learning in grades K – 8 so our students can develop into confident and effective problem solvers. 

No textbook series is perfect, and we will have to address various implementation challenges. Although change can be difficult, we are confident this series will support our efforts to provide all our students with engaging, meaningful, and effective mathematics learning opportunities that are aligned to the standards and that promote best practices in the field.

This initiative is not about buying new books. It is focused on excellent and sustained professional development so teachers have the necessary resources, knowledge, confidence, and strategies. We have partnered with Math Champions, a professional development group that has helped over 100 schools through the U.S. and the world successfully implement Math in Focus and Singapore Math. Their trainers will work with our teachers starting in June and will return over a dozen times to support our work with all aspects of planning, instruction, and assessment. We will also work with the trainers to inform and support parents throughout the process. As part of the process, we will be adjusting our approaches to homework, grading, assessment, and pedagogy. This is hard but very exciting work!

Our Mathematics Textbook Adoption Committee included teachers, parents, administrators, and we consulted with multiple schools and math experts to reach our decision. We spent countless hours considering and analyzing all available information, and I thank the committee members for their leadership and professionalism. We ask for everyone’s enthusiastic support as we embark on this new journey. 

                                                                        Math Committee Members

Implementing  New Math Series
The implementation of a new mathematics series necessarily involves an adjustment process and a learning curve for students, teachers, and parents. As we continue to promote teaching and learning practices based on the Standards for Mathematical Practice, parents may find it difficult at times to support their children with the “new ways” of learning mathematics. As we challenge students to perform at even higher levels, students might have to work harder and experience some struggles through that process, but we will make every effort to provide all students with meaningful supports so they can be successful. One of our goals will be to provide parents with information and resources so they can be confident and enthusiastic partners in their children’s mathematics education. 

We have offered seven parent workshops so far. In 2017, we held workshops on the following dates: June 12, June 13, July 18, July 20, October 4, and November 14, 2017. We also offered a workshop on October 23, 2018. We have alternated the times when these workshops are offered in order to accommodate parents' varying schedules.

Parents who have questions specific to their child's progress in mathematics should contact their teacher. Parents who have questions about the Singapore approach to mathematics may contact Mr. Antonetti, our Supervisor of Curriculum. If they need additional support, parents are encouraged to also contact Ms. Beth Curran, our professional development consultant. She may be reached via emai: beth@singaporemathsource.com. 


Parents were invited to review sample textbooks and materials on display in the Elementary Center Library in the spring of 2017. 


English Language Arts (ELA) Textbook Adoption Committee
Our Elementary Center is also implementing a new language arts series in grades 3 – 6. The series is called Wit & Wisdom. (We hope to add grades K – 2 next fall.) Wit & Wisdom, published by Great Minds, is an excellent standards-aligned and theme-based series that integrates all language skills (i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening). There are four modules of study per grade level, and each module integrates instructional routines, text-dependent questions, explicit writing instruction, text-based vocabulary, and formative assessments. This is another exciting and promising initiative for our district. For more information, you can visit the Great Minds website:  https://greatminds.org/english

Wit & Wisdom Parent Tip Sheets (for the first two modules):

Kindergarten Module 1
Kindergarten Module 2
Grade 1 Module 1
Grade 1 Module 2
Grade 2 Module 1
Grade 2 Module 2
Grade 3 Module 1
Grade 3 Module 2
Grade 4 Module 1
Grade 4 Module 2
Grade 5 Module 1
Grade 5 Module 2
Grade 6 Module 1
Grade 6 Module 2
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